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How to paint a brick fireplace to look like stone

Have you ever idea about painting your electric fireplace. We’ve all heard the fear stories of someone’s fireplace turning pink the minute they hit it with white paint so perhaps like us you put it off out of fear which is all over understandable. A electric fireplace is a big deal and having one that’s hugged up is the last thing any of us want. Ever since we ranged foot into our home three years ago we’ve had a plan to make over the fireplace, at first it was an whole fireplace resurface, then it went to ship lap and the longer we thinking about it the more we felt we should at minimum try paint first before spending more on something else. When you walk into our home the best wall mount electric fireplace reviews is the first thing that catches your eye, its big, double sided and a main focal point.

When we first moved in I feel like I tried to decor to match the style of the home which ended up being a total error because the 90’s just wasn’t our style. We choose brown furniture because the electric fireplace was red orange and within a year I was kicking myself for it. Once we sold the brown appointments and went with a more updated looking the fireplace was sticking out like a big red sore thumb in a sea of whites and blues.

Because not only is Paint a super inexpensive way to update almost anything, if we ended up hating it we could constantly go back to one of the more costly options.

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace

This progression is most likely one of my slightest most loved strides of everything except with regards to an impeccable paint work its all in the prep work. So before you break out the paint brush you'll need to ensure the whole surface of the block is spotless. Utilizing water, a wipe and a 5-gallon basin clean the whole zone, being certain wash off any garbage with clean water.

When the surface possesses totally dried its energy for the preliminary. This progression totally dispensed with the requirement for numerous layers of paint which is something individuals frequently kept running into when painting block. Take as much time as is needed and ensure every last trace of the surface is covered well and permit to dry completely.

When the groundwork is dry its time for paint. This progression will give your chimney an impeccable look so make sure to go over the whole surface well. When you have finished this, progression back and give the chimney a decent once finished and check for any spots you may have missed. At that point tidy up and appreciate your convenient work.

When we had everything painted we chosen to include a natural mantle made out of recovered load flooring from a shop that has practical experience in recovered wood called Vintage Reclaimed Lumbar, on the off chance that you are neighborhood to Oklahoma City go look at it since this place is really astounding. Realizing that we could have invested days restoring the chimney or including shiplap which no uncertainty would have been increasingly specialized and progressively costly I am glad to the point that we gave this a shot first. On the off chance that you've been vacillating about painting your fireplace get your paint brush out and do what needs to be done as of now.

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