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Choose the right vacuum cleaner for your stair

Have you at any point attempted to vacuum your stairs with a typical vacuum more clean. The stairs must be one of the hardest territory to vacuum in your home however it needn't be on the off chance that you utilize the correct vacuum more clean. Utilizing a standard vacuum cleaner can be troublesome albeit conceivable however fortunately there are options that are a great deal less demanding to utilize.

Your stairs simply happens to be a high movement territory with individuals going all over throughout the day treading the soil in as they go so it can be difficult to keep it clean. The Best stairs vacuum can be somewhat confounding so we've influenced this basic manual for help you to choose which one would be the ideal one for your home.

At the base of this guide is a determination of vacuums that we prescribe for cleaning your stairs.

Type of stair vacuum cleaner

There are many vacuum cleaner on the online marketplace today all with various features and operation which can be overwhelming, reading this guide will help you find the main factors you need consider before purchasing a stair vacuum.

Upright vacuum cleaner

These are properly the difficult cleaner to use on the stairs unless its got a long suction hose that will reach the top of the stairs with the cleaner sitting safely at the bottom. You can still get the work done by bearing the vacuum up the stairs as you go although they don’t take well to sitting on the steps, if you do go for this option look for a lightweight model.

Handheld vacuum cleaner

This is probably the vacuum to tackle the stairs as its smaller, portable and easy to use. The cleaning head is smaller which makes it ideal for your stairs and can remove all types of dirt including pet hair. They can be broken down into two model, cordless and corded and almost types are bagless.

The cordless option looks like the perfect cleaner, there’s no power cord to be plugged in, you just pick it up and start using it. On the downside you have to make sure its always fully charged as there’s nothing worse that running out of battery power halfway up the stairs.

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